A comparison of the queensland government enterprise architecture and australian government architec

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A comparison of the queensland government enterprise architecture and australian government architec

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Spinifex is a collective term for 69 species in the genus Triodia which are widespread throughout semiarid Australia. The project built upon the ancient Aboriginal knowledge of spinifex as well as upon biomimetic theory, drawing from nature to find new technical solu- tions.

A comparison of the queensland government enterprise architecture and australian government architec

The ancient Aboriginal knowledge of spinifex or aywerte is embedded in myths or sacred histories which in the context of our study region are from the upper Georgina River Basin of Central Australia.

The chapter explores the contem- porary revitalization of this knowledge in collaborative research partnership between a group of traditional tribal owners, the Indjalandji, Wakaya, Bularnu, and Alyawarr peoples and a team of scientific researchers from the University of Queensland.

The operational venue for in situ project experiments has been the Dugalunji Camp of the Indjalandji group, near the town of Camooweal, an enterprise and training base with a population of up to 80 people Fig.

Planning and architec- tural design in the camp has occurred according to Aboriginal directives and princi- ples, and within a grounded understanding of the cultural landscape in which the ancient sacred sites with their sacred histories myths are embedded.

The original project leadership by architect-anthropologist Professor Paul Memmott and Indjalandji leader Colin Saltmere thus attempted to bridge between a cultural under- standing of the Aboriginal collaborative group and their traditional knowledge and the prospect of University-based applied science in levering off this knowledge to create new globally relevant knowledge that would catalyze a remote-based indus- try for Aboriginal people.

Current national economic use of spinifex grass is marginal, limited to a drought stand-by pastoral fodder. Our project originally aimed to explore properties and uses of spinifex as a future material for a sustainable building industry or technol- ogy to replace current resource-intensive materials Fig.

Both fibers and resin have potential uses in building technology as either separate or combined compos- ite products. Triodia-derived fibers and resin are being explored by our team for potential uses in the building industry such as insulation batts, renewable compo- sites, water filtration, renewable carbon fiber precursors, and textiles.

The research in its 10th year has been exploring both low-tech building construction techniques that draw on traditional practice and have potential for local sustainable contempo- rary applications, as well as high-tech, laboratory-manufactured material products that may be of ultimate use in renewable-based architecture, technological products, and materials.

A comparison of the queensland government enterprise architecture and australian government architec

An ecological aspect of the research involves understanding optimal plant propa- gation so as to develop sustainable harvesting methods.

Thus, if commercialized material products can be developed, an agronomy and primary biomass processing industry will need to be implemented together with farming and harvesting spinifex Nanotechnology and the Dreamtime knowledge of spinifex grass Figure 9.

Ideally this could provide both guaranteed quality of spinifex biomass, but also increased economic viability for remote-area Aboriginal camps and outsta- tions in remote locations across the sparsely populated interior of the continent. The main geographic focus of our study is in an area with little previous ethno- graphic recording of spinifex usage, that of the upper Georgina River basin region bridging between the central-east Northern Territory and the central-west Queensland.

The area was chosen because of the range of spinifex species growing across diverse habitats, our well-established relationships with local Aboriginal communities particularly the Indjalandji group at Camoowealand recent, posi- tive, economic developments in these communities.

The temperature profile for the Camooweal area is consistent with a hot desert climate with the main rainfall events in summer.

Nanotechnology and the Dreamtime knowledge of spinifex grass | Paul Memmott - benjaminpohle.com Enterprise architecture Save Enterprise architecture EA is "a well-defined practice for conducting enterprise analysis, design, planning, and implementation, using a comprehensive approach at all times, for the successful development and execution of strategy. Enterprise architecture applies architecture principles and practices to guide organizations through the business, information, process, and technology changes necessary to execute their strategies.
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We start with a discussion of the challenges confronting modern day enterprises. These challenges fuel the need for enterprises to use enterprise architecture to gain control over their evolution, from the definitions of products and services offered to their clients, via the business processes delivering the products and services, and the information systems needed to support these processes, to the underlying IT infrastructure.

The interior location of the study site incurs dual climatic influences with summer monsoonal conditions from the Gulf of Carpentaria to the north and winter rain fronts from southern Australia coming east across the interior deserts.

This climate imposes periods of underheating and overheating in a regime of low humidity for most of the year, characteristic of desert climates. Building construc- tion strategies such as thermal mass and evaporative cooling can modify climatic performance to reduce building energy costs.

The significance of Triodia as a resource is reflected in foundational religious or cosmogenic beliefs Green Composites concerning the Dreaming, sacred sites, and the reproduction of species. The function of such ceremonies was to catalyze the healthy increase or reproduction of various animal, plant, or meteoro- logical phenomena which constitute totems in the Indigenous religious belief sys- tem, and by consequence, the total food supply.

Through their ritual actions, the participants believed they connected with the Altyerre or Dreamtime dimension, and renewed a spiritual energy linking this dimension of the Ancestors with the world of mortal humans.

Aspects of the travel of the Ancestral Beings were retold or re-enacted in the ceremonies through song, ritual, and artworks with musical accompaniment.

Ceremonies were once performed on the upper Georgina region for the phenom- ena of Spinifex Grass, Spinifex Resin, Rain and Fire, which were interspersed with the annual seasonal cycles of 1 the growth of spinifex grass, 2 the production of resin on the grass in the dry season the harvest time3 the burning of spinifex by fire, and 4 the regrowth after rain.

Another traditional Aboriginal practice was the mosaic burning of spinifex grasslands to encourage the reproduction of diverse flora and fauna resources. Two spini- fex sacred sites are located on the upper Georgina basin with their sacred histories involving resin.

These sacred histories provide an epistemolog- ical foundation to the regional intellectual property over traditional spinifex technologies utilized for architectural, engineering, material, and medicinal functions.

A young man named Idaya, a forebear of the contemporary Indjalandji group, experienced the first impacts of colonization in Decemberwhen the British explorer William Landsborough encountered and renamed three sacred Indjalandji waterholes Rain and Rainbow Serpent Dreamings on the Georgina River as Lakes Mary, Francis, and Canellan.

His favorable report on the surrounding grasslands triggered several waves of pastoral occupation by colonists during Decimation of the Georgina Aboriginal groups occurred during the late 19th century due to frontier violence and multiple diseases.

Partly in response to the widespread demographic collapse, the Queensland Government Nanotechnology and the Dreamtime knowledge of spinifex grass introduced the Aboriginals Protection and Restriction of the Sale of Opium Actwhich regulated, but also forced, Aboriginal people to labor in the pastoral industry.

As a result, a sense of a Georgina River Aboriginal culture and community survived. The river and its lakes form a com- plex Aboriginal landscape of sacred and secular sites with dominant Dreamings being Rainbow Serpent, Rain, Picaninnies, and Blue Tongue Lizard.Stijn Hoppenbrouwers.

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