A description of the jews who have been relentlessly persecuted throughout the course of history

Early history[ edit ] The earliest historical reference to Jews in Ratisbon Regensburg is in a document ofwhere it is stated that the monastery of St. The Jews were granted their first privileges there in a charter of Therein Emperor Frederick I.

A description of the jews who have been relentlessly persecuted throughout the course of history

Why were they persecuted throughout history? Why had the Nazis herded them into cattle cars and taken them to "extermination camps" to dispose once and for all of the "Jewish problem?

I set out to find answers for my questions, mainly turning to the Internet, but also reading various books on the subject. What I found became increasingly disturbing to me. I had not known that throughout history, the Jews had been expelled from 79 countries, some countries more than once.

I had not known that many of the claims they made about the Holocaust that I had believed unquestioningly for so long were in fact fraudulent. The books I had read and the movies I had seen about the "Holocaust" and wept over were nothing but thinly veiled attempts to garner unwavering sympathy for the state of Israel and an excuse to extort billions of dollars from Germany and 1.

I learned that the confessions at the Nuremburg Trials and the executions of so many German "war criminals" were were extracted under torture and the defendants were being tried, judged and condemned by their very accusers.

I learned about the "false flag" operations, especially the Lavon affair and the tragedy of the USS Liberty, an American ship that was attacked by the Israelis during the war.

To add insult to injury, the Israelis claimed that it was simply an unfortunate case of mistaken identity, something the survivors of the Liberty have always vehemently denied. They, however, were threatened with court martial if they were ever to tell their stories.

I learned about the Jonathan Pollard spy case and other incidents of Israeli Jews spying against their supposed "closest ally. Non-Jews are not considered equal.

I was saddened to see pictures of innocent Palestinian children burned beyond recognition or suffering from serious gunshot wounds after being targeted by the IDF for no other reason than that they are Palestinian. I found out about the Jewish history of avariciousness, larceny, lying, manipulation and their questionable and usurious business practices.

I learned that it was Jewish supremacists behind the war against Christianity and Christmas.

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It is they who want God out of the Pledge of Allegiance and all symbols of Christianity removed from public life. They have driven Christianity from the public schools despite Christianity being the majority religion.

They have taken Christmas out of the public school calendar despite the fact that it is a statutory holiday and it is named Christmas. I learned about their "chutzpah" in claiming that Gentile lives were worth no more than the lives of barnyard animals but that they considered Jewish lives to be akin to God Himself.

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They are behind the ridiculous political correctness movement and hate crime legislation that was drafted so as to silence anyone who might figure out their agenda and attempt to shed light on it.

Men like German Rudolf, David Irving and many more, previously recognized as great historians, were arrested, charged with hate crimes and incarcerated simply for having made academic inquiry into a specific period of history. I found out that the Jews are responsible for our wide open immigration policies that have created the nightmare we call "multiculturalism," "diversity," inclusiveness" and "pluralism.

It is patently clear that the war in Iraq is due solely to Israel wanting to hobble her enemies by destabilizing their governments in order to achieve hegemony in the middle east.

It would be unthinkable for Israeli Jews to die for this cause, so they manipulated the US into the war with the help of the Jewish Zionist "Israel firsters" in the Bush administration in order that the blood of way too many young American men and women is shed instead.The history of the Jews in Regensburg, Germany reaches back over 1, years.

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The Jews of Regensburg are part of Bavarian Jewry; Regensburg was the capital of the Upper Palatinate and formerly a free city of the German empire. Jews have been persecuted for thousands of years.

A description of the jews who have been relentlessly persecuted throughout the course of history

From ancient, pre-Christian times to contemporary anti-Semitism in the Islamic world, the Jewish people have . Why Have Jews Been Persecuted Throughout History? no real reason,the simple answer is that people are afraid and suspicious of that which is different or unlike themselves.I think the reason anti-semitism has lasted so long is that people take it as a serious affront when their own belief system is.

Mar 30,  · Of course, the prices were completely jacked up.” Today, churches have been named after Perpetua; films and graphic novels have been made about her life.

She is considered a saint. Her words still inspire.


People still read her diary. Christ was persecuted by the Jews, and Christians were persecuted by the Romans.

A description of the jews who have been relentlessly persecuted throughout the course of history

Jews, throughout the eons of their existence have been persecuted and have always come out with flying colors. Why, when Benjamin Disraeli rose to make a speech in the British parliament, he was frowned upon for being a Jew.

Persecution of Jewish people has been a major part of Jewish history, prompting shifting waves of refugees throughout the Diaspora communities Seleucids "Over the course of time, The persecution of Jews reached its most destructive form in the policies of Nazi Germany.

Why have Jews been persecuted by so many groups, so fervently, and so frequently? : AskHistorians