A discussion on the issue of car weight on safety and protection

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A discussion on the issue of car weight on safety and protection

His battery experience with the Rocket eBook inspired him to develop an electric car. Tesla then licensed AC Propulsion 's EV power system design and reductive charging patent which covers integration of the charging electronics with the inverterthus reducing mass, complexity, and cost.

However, Tesla was dissatisfied with how the motor and transmission worked in the chassis. The Roadster's powertrain is unique. Initial studies were done in two " test mule " vehicles based on Lotus Elises equipped with all-electric drive systems.

A discussion on the issue of car weight on safety and protection

Ten engineering prototypes EP1 through EP10 which led to many minor changes were then built and tested in late and early Tesla then produced at least 26 validation prototypes which were delivered beginning in March Drori became vice chairman and left the company in December.

In Januarythe U. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA announced that it would grant a waiver of the advanced air bag rule [61] noting that the Tesla Roadster already includes standard air bags ; similar waivers have been granted to many other small volume manufacturers as well, including LotusFerrariand Bugatti.

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Starting one year prior to the end of the contract, Tesla put a hiatus on new orders to allow time for tooling changes at Lotus's assembly plant in the UK.

Parts were sourced from around the world. The body panels came from French supplier Sotira. These were sent from France to HethelU.

Brakes and airbags were made by Siemens in Germanyand some crash testing was conducted at Siemens as well. For Roadsters bound for customers in Europe or elsewhere outside of North America, the chassis was sent to a facility at Wymondham near Hethel, for final assembly.

A discussion on the issue of car weight on safety and protection

At these final assembly locations, Tesla employees installed the entire powertrain, which consisted of the battery pack, power electronics module, gearbox and motor.

Tesla also performed rigorous "pre-delivery inspection" on every car before customers took ownership. Tesla ordered 2, gliders from Lotus, which ended supplies in December when their contract expired. Tesla's first two transmission suppliers were unable to produce transmissions, in quantity, that could withstand the gear-shift requirements of the high torque, high rpm electric motor.

The first production car was not delivered with this interim solution; P1 has both transmission gears enabled. According to the plan, the initial transmissions were to be swapped out under warranty when the finalized transmission, power electronics module PEMand cooling system became available.

The downward revision was attributed to an error in equipment calibration at the laboratory that conducted the original test.“What is really an expensive illusion of safety is the way a lot of people cling to jobs they really dislike for fear of trying something new and different that would be more fulfilling and rewarding.

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The U.S. Clean Air Act provides the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Administrator the authority to issue waivers to the state of California allowing the state to be exempt from the provision that prohibits states from adopting and enforcing their own emission standards for new motor vehicles.

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