A review of the book hatchet by gary paulsen

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A review of the book hatchet by gary paulsen

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A review of the book hatchet by gary paulsen

In transit between his divorcing parents, Brian is the plane's only passenger. After casually showing him how to steer, the pilot has a heart attack and dies. In a breathtaking sequence, Brian maneuvers the plane for hours while he tries to think what to do, at last crashing as gently and levelly as he can manage into a lake.

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The plane sinks; all he has left is a hatchet, attached to his belt. His injuries prove painful but not fundamental.

A review of the book hatchet by gary paulsen

In time, he builds a shelter, experiments with berries, finds turtle eggs, starts a fire, makes a bow and arrow to catch fish and birds, and makes peace with the larger wildlife.

He also battles despair and emerges more patient, prepared to learn from his mistakes--when a rogue moose attacks him and a fierce storm reminds him of his mortality, he's prepared to make repairs with philosophical persistence. His mixed feelings surprise him when the plane finally surfaces so that he can retrieve the survival pack; and then he's rescued.

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Plausible, taut, this is a spellbinding account. Paulsen's staccato, repetitive style conveys Brian's stress; his combination of third-person narrative with Brian's interior monologue pulls the reader into the story. Brian's angst over a terrible secret--he's seen his mother with another man--is undeveloped and doesn't contribute much, except as one item from his previous life that he sees in better perspective, as a result of his experience.

High interest, not hard to read.The rest of the book has Brian dealing with the emotional trauma of survival–being injured several times, living alone, being attacked by wild animals, and fearing death by starvation.

One Response to “Hatchet by Gary Paulsen”. Gary Paulsen's Hatchet is a modern classic tale of a stranded boy's struggle for survival in the wilderness.

Chrissy’s Review: Hatchet by Gary Paulsen Brian Jared Rushton finds himself stranded in Canada's forests after surviving a plane crash.

year-old Brian Robeson is accustomed to big-city life and comfort when he finds himself alone in a remote Canadian forest with no tools but the titular hatchet. The .

For example, he'd be telling how Brian was scared to fly in the plane, then all of the sudden he would bring "The Divorce," up or "The Secret." He did it throughout the book.


But I didn't mind, after all, Gary Paulsen is human. The book "Hatchet,"is a great book that should be read by all.

I thought it was fun-filled and exciting. Review of Hatchet by Gary Paulsen I read the book Hatchet by Gary Paulsen.

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The book was about a thirteen-year-old boy named Brian Robeson who was stranded in a plane crash. He was out in the Canadian wilderness trying to visit his dad.

Gary Paulsen is one of the most honored writers of contemporary literature for young readers, author of three Newbery Honor titles, Dogsong, Hatchet, and The Winter Room. He has written over books for adults and young readers/5(K).

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LibraryThing Review User Review - JoanEChasse - LibraryThing. Hatchet by Gary Paulsen is a contemporary realistic fiction book about survival.

This Newbery Honor book is about a year-old boy named Brian whose survives a plane crash and is left in the 4/5().

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