Administrative behavior

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Administrative behavior

Jan 19, Nick Klagge rated it it was ok An interesting experience, reading this book. For one thing, my copy is an extremely old beat-up paperback that I got as a free library remainder from the NY Fed, so it was literally falling apart as I was reading it, and I would generally be carrying around a chunk of about 50 pages at any given time.

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Herbert Simon is an extremely influential and original thinker. He is the only person ever to have won the Nobel Prize in econ and the Turing Prize, which is like the Nobel Prize for computer scien An interesting experience, reading this book. He is the only person ever to have won the Nobel Prize in econ and the Turing Prize, which is like the Nobel Prize for computer science.

He emphasized how much of decisionmaking is consumed with figuring out what the options are, where classical economics assumes all the options are known beforehand. For all these reasons, I grabbed this book from the library.

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A couple of chapters have been added on in later editions, which are basically just relevant papers that he published later.

Much of these chapters is concerned with the impact of information technology on organizations, so I was very surprised to find them to be some of the most insightful of all--though Simon was writing before the advent of what we would consider to be moder computers, he makes many subtle points that I think most people are just now beginning to understand.

In particular, I think his focus on attention as a scarce resource is very prescient. As you might expect of a book trying to build a formal analytical foundation, however, a lot of it is kind of boring.

Administrative behavior

I may have a look at some of his other work eventually, but not for a while.The Forest Ranger: A Study in Administrative Behavior (Rff Press) [Herbert Kaufman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

It is the rare book that remains in print for nearly fifty years, earning wide acclaim as a classic. The Forest Ranger has been essential reading for generations of professionals and scholars in forestry.

Organizational Behavior and Public Management, Third Edition, Revised and Expanded (Public Administration and Public Policy) Mar 3, by Michael L. Vasu and Debra W. Stewart. Executive and Presidential assistants & administrative professionals: The ONLY Practical Workshop with Certification in Harvard University Global System™ Tools.

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John’s - 0. Other articles where Administrative Behavior is discussed: bureaucracy: Trends in bureaucratic organization: The classic work Administrative Behavior, originally published in from the doctoral dissertation of Herbert Simon, dissected the vintage bureaucratic paradigm and concluded that it was frequently inconsistent with psychological and social realities.

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Administrative behavior
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