An analysis of the character of heathcliff of emily brontes wuthering heights

Orphaned as a child, he is constantly on the outside, constantly losing people. Although he and Catherine Earnshaw profess that they complete each other, her decision to marry Edgar Linton almost destroys their relationship. He spends most of his life contemplating and acting out revenge. He is abusive, brutal, and cruel.

An analysis of the character of heathcliff of emily brontes wuthering heights

Despite being a tragic and dark novel it is full of engaging characters. Readers cannot help sympathizing with him for beneath his sinister behaviour they can feel the presence of a romantic hero.

However, it also seems that he is authentically bent at punishing others around him. At least it so appears because he does not hesitate to demonstrate through his cruelty that he is truly as cynical as he appears.

However, his pain is what justifies his behavior to some extent and makes readers sympathize with him. In the initial scenes, he appears as a stubborn, arrogant and inhospitable landlord. People in his family also look just as wild and inhospitable with no sense of manners and civilization.

In his initial few experiences Lockwood is aware of what kind of person he is. Nelly narrates him rest of the story and why Heathcliff is the way he is.

An analysis of the character of heathcliff of emily brontes wuthering heights

He cracks his whip on everyone whom he believes is liable for his loss or is even distantly connected with it. Even the settings appear haunted. Heathcliff himself thinks of nothing but revenge and it has turned him monstrous.

Bronte has masterfully carved her characters. Even important are the settings that add to the gloom and bitterness of the story. Caught in the whirlpool of their own emotions, the characters continue to destroy themselves. It is like with the arrival of the little guy from Liverpool, a chain of dangerous events had been set in motion.

Heathcliff is portrayed as a hero who is driven by his desire to avenge. Heathcliff used to be a happy man till he lost Catherine to the good and cultured Edgar Linton. The sequence of his vengeful machinations ends only in his death.

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Other characters in the novel compare him to a demon and Heathcliff does his best to ensure that he remains a demon in their eyes. Catherine abandons him to marry Edgar for Heathcliff is not educated and rich like him.

An analysis of the character of heathcliff of emily brontes wuthering heights

The pain keeps revealing itself till Heathcliff is alive and he tries to inflict the same pain on all the others who have hurt him. There is a lot about Heathcliff that is not understandable but that is what actually makes him unique.

Heathcliff has undergone a major change but then his frustration is well understandable, especially in the light of his love for Catherine. To other characters he remains it till his death. The stigmatized and victimized orphan had grown up to become the perpetrator and perpetrates as much horror as he is able to.

The melancholic tone of the novel makes the two main characters look all the more romantic even if they are tragic. The novel concludes at a point where readers understand that human emotions can take several indefinite forms.A short Emily Brontë biography describes Emily Brontë's life, times, and work.

Also explains the historical and literary context that influenced Wuthering Heights. Wuthering Heights is a notable work by Emily Bronte.

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Despite being a tragic and dark novel it is full of engaging characters. The central character in Wuthering Heights is Heathcliff, the orphan whom Catherine’s father brought from Liverpool.

Heathcliff is innocent as a kid who grows up with Catherine and is loved by Mr Earnshaw and family. Video: Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights: Character Analysis & Revenge Heathcliff is a character in Emily Bronte's ''Wuthering Heights''.

His Romantic and Byronic traits lead him to seek vengeance. Wuthering Heights, Emily Brontë's only novel, was published in under the pseudonym "Ellis Bell". It was written between October and June , Wuthering Heights and Anne Brontë's Agnes Grey were accepted by publisher Thomas Newby before the success of their sister Charlotte's novel Jane Emily's death, Charlotte edited the manuscript of Wuthering Heights and arranged for.

Once she moved into Wuthering Heights and lived with Heathcliff, Cathy was transformed from a bright, cheerful young girl into the sullen, foul-tempered person Lockwood meets during his first visit to the Heights.

Heathcliff saw Cathy as the cause of her mother’s death and she represented Catherine’s betrayal of their love.

The Character of Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte In "Wuthering Heights" Heathcliff is both a romantic hero and a villain.

As a romantic hero he is noble, brave and involved in a passionate love affair, he is also the main character.

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