An introduction to the history and the life of ty cobb

Apr 01, Eric Zimmerman rated it liked it Probably full of lies. Sep 30, Tyler rated it really liked it Thanks to my brother-in-law Steve Wilmoth, I managed to read the memoir that Ty Cobb penned shortly before his death in

An introduction to the history and the life of ty cobb

Atlanta, Georgia American baseball player Ty Cobb is regarded by some as the greatest all-around baseball player who ever lived. During his career, Cobb set dozens of records, including lifetime batting average, which still remains unbroken.

Cobb grew up in Royston, Georgia, and began playing sandlot ball playground baseball as soon as he could swing a bat. While his father wanted him to pursue an academic career, Cobb was determined to make it as a professional baseball player.

Indespite family objections, he signed with the Augusta baseball team of the South Atlantic League and soon attracted notice. Grantland Rice —the famous sportswriter, saw him play for Augusta and named him the "Georgia Peach," a title that Cobb wore proudly. Dominating the game At a time when pitchers dominated the game and batting averages were low, Cobb was a brilliant exception.

In Cobb hit. The next year he won the American League batting championship, hitting. He quickly became the biggest attraction in baseball and would hit. During that time, he hit over. Cobb led the league in hitting twelve times, nine of them in a row.

An introduction to the history and the life of ty cobb

During his peak years, tohe so dominated baseball that historians refer to it as the era of the "Cobbian game. Once again he led the Tigers to a pennant league championshipthough they lost the World Series. As most of his teammates were markedly less talented than Cobb, he would never be on a world championship team, about the only honor available to a ball player that he did not win.

This remained so even during his years as a player-manager for Detroit from towhen the team never finished better than second place. A baseball genius Cobb, in addition to his batting skills, amazing fielding, and talents as a base runner, was the fiercest competitor in baseball.

Not satisfied with simply winning, he had to run up the highest possible score and therefore put ruthless pressure on the opposition until the last man was out. A perfectionist in an era of what was called "inside baseball," which emphasized hit-and-run plays, base stealing, and bunting, he mastered every aspect of his craft.

Cobb was also a supremely intelligent player, a kind of baseball genius. The chapter on hitting is a brilliant essay on how to keep the opposition off balance by never doing the same thing twice.

If that chapter is all about technique, the next one, "Waging War on the Base Paths," is all about psychology the study of mental behavior. On stepping up to the plate, he told the catcher that he was going to steal every base.

After singling to first, Cobb then stole second, third, and home on four straight pitches. Later career and legacy Cobb remained a star afterwhen the rise of Babe Ruth — and the introduction of a livelier ball changed the game to one in which batting power mattered Ty Cobb.

Reproduced by permission of Archive Photos, Inc. In Cobb signed with the Philadelphia Athletics, and even though he averaged. When Cobb left baseball, he held forty-three records. Although all but one have since been broken, his fantastic lifetime batting average of.

That he was the best all-around player who ever lived was recognized inwhen he led everyone in votes for the first group of Baseball Hall of Fame inductees.

He came in ahead of legends Ruth, Honus Wagner —Christy Mathewson —and Walter Johnson — —the other four original selectees. Cobb the man As a player Cobb was godlike, but as a man he had little to offer. Angry, ready to argue, touchy, and a loner, his teammates at first hated him for what one of them called his "rotten disposition" bad attitude.

He was tolerated only after his value became obvious. A bully on the field, Cobb was also the same off of it.

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In a racist age a period where many believed one race was superior to another he was notably abusive to African Americans. Cobb was a poor husband and father too. Both his marriages ended in divorce, and even though he had five children by his first wife, his relations with them were not close.

As sometimes happens, he did better as a grandfather. Like many ex-athletes, Cobb was restless in retirement, living simply despite his wealth—much of which he gave away.

In he founded the Cobb Educational Foundation, which awarded college fellowships to needy Georgia students.With their careers largely overlapping, Cobb faced Johnson more times than any other batter-pitcher matchup in baseball history.

Cobb also got the first hit ever allowed by Johnson. Ty Cobb: His Tumultuous Life and Times. Dallas, Texas: Taylor. A third book, Ty Cobb, Baseball and American Manhood — written in by Steven Elliott Tripp, who teaches social and cultural history at Grand Valley State University in .

This was a "refreshing" read, and by that I mean an interesting book written from an angle you never hear - from Ty Cobb's point of view.

Cobb is such a hated figure in baseball history, I thought it would be fair to hear his side of the story, for once, and then make up my own benjaminpohle.coms: The place for everything in Oprah's world. Get health, beauty, recipes, money, decorating and relationship advice to live your best life on The Oprah Show, O magazine, Oprah Radio, Angel Network, Harpo Films and Oprah's Book Club.

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An introduction to the history and the life of ty cobb
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