Case study mazda motor corporation marketing essay

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Case study mazda motor corporation marketing essay

Primarily only dealing with the making of car parts, they include ventured out to the generating of commercial trucks, eventually proceeding on to the manufacturing of cars, which it is widely known for nowadays.

As moments passes, Mazda Motor Corporations has since efficiently ventured out of Japan, conquering other parts of the world incorporating Mexico, Italy, Thailand just to name a few, along with establishing Research and Advancement sites in countries like Germany, China, and the United States of America.

Mazda Motor Corporation largely cater to the needs of 2 different segments of buyers: Commercial customers and Non-Commercial Consumers. Types of vehicles that fall under the above classes include pick-ups, lorries and vans which are mostly used by firms for transporting of merchandise and materials etc.

Purchasing Strategies

On the other hands, Mazda also cater to non commercial consumers and their vehicles were created specifically to satisfy 2 groups of consumers: The head office of Mazda Motor Company is located at Shinchi, Fuchu-Cho, Aki-gun, Hiroshima, with distinct branches located at various parts of Japan like Osaka, Tokyo, Yamaguchi and more to permit provide easy option of consumers.

The company has a variety of products to focus on the wants of both professional and non commercial buyers. By segmenting out their focus on consumers, Mazda will be able to spread out the risk of doing business if the sales in a single market suffer.

This plan will also permit Mazda to reap the benefits associated with increasing its market show in both the commercial and non professional segments. Purchasing Strategies Mazda Motor Company, despite being a car company, obtains their parts and products from suppliers.

The 3 main suppliers which they obtain essential parts features: Mazda Motor Company obtains their necessary supplies like plastic material from Yoshinkai. Nevertheless, the engines of most Mazda cars are created by the company itself, instead of obtaining it from suppliers.

Parts for the automobile like testmyprep screws and nuts happen to be acquired from multiple suppliers. This enables the company to get a wider variety of choices to decide on being that they are not limited to only one supplier. This provides them with flexibility together with more bargaining power, that will allow them to acquire their necessary products at the least expensive possible price.

Nevertheless, the materials found in the car manufacturing method are obtained from only 1 supplier. Though there is only an individual supplier for the supplies, Mazda Motor Corporation can be able to have the materials needed at a suitable price. This is because of the fact that Mazda Motor Company has picked Yoshinkai as their single supplier for elements.

This will allow them to have particular benefits because the honour of being the only real supplier of supplies is given to Yoshinkai. A few reasons why Mazda Motor Corporation has decided to buy the materials and parts instead of rendering it themselves is because of cost advantages, insufficient expertise in addition to the quality of the supplied products.

If Mazda Motor Company, a car manufacturing enterprise, were to venture into the production of their very own required parts and materials, the business will not be centered on car manufacturing but on the areas like manufacturing of metal for example.

This will be costly for the company given that they would need to spend more money to research on the steps needed to bring this out since there exists a lack of knowledge in this location. Even if this research is a success and the company managed to produce the items needed, the quality might not exactly be as effective as that which are acquired from their suppliers, who will be more experienced.

This may also cause Mazda Motor Corporation to reduce their identity as a respected car manufacturer as buyers might be confused concerning whether Mazda Motor Corporation is an automobile manufacturer or a manufacturer of supplies and parts.

Case study mazda motor corporation marketing essay

There are certain areas which Mazda Motor Company looks out for while considering which supplier to acquire their parts and resources for. These areas happen to be top quality of the delivered things, time for delivery of the elements and cost of the materials.

All if not most companies operate for one common goal, which is to make profit. Mazda Motor Company is no exception.

So, it is crucial for the company to get the materials needed at the cheapest price available without compromising the caliber of the materials.

This will allow their funds to be lowered, which will eventually lead to a higher profit gain in comparison with when the company purchase the same materials, with the same quality at an increased price.

The time at which the materials are delivered is equally important aswell. If the products ordered are delivered past due, this may result in a delay of development, which might lead to a loss of profit for the company.

In worse circumstance scenarios, the company may need to compensate their consumers if production is halted due to this delay. That is because of the fact that the company is definitely churning out the same few types of cars in an enormous volume.

Consequently, by adopting this strategy, the company will be able to meets its production target and satisfaction of nearly all its customers can be guaranteed. The low manufacturing costs as well allows the company to make a profit aswell.

However, the company as well utilises the Make-To-Order Technique.Catch all the latest news from CAW-UAW contract negotiations, future innovations in our union to anything that affects our retirees. MAZDA CASE STUDY You have been hired by the strategic marketing manager of Mazda, and you have been assigned to investigate their company’s integrated marketing communications in the case attached.

Present your analysis for the following questions.

Case study mazda motor corporation marketing essay

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Case Study Mazda Motor Corporation Marketing Essay Mazda Motor Corporation is one of the world’s leading car manufacturers with the total net sales in reaching a whopping 2, billion.

Published: Mon, 5 Dec Subscribe now and save, give a gift subscription or get help with an existing subscription. Mazda Motor Corporation: Surviving by Partnering with the Giants Case Study Solution & Analysis. For 30 years, Mazda Motor Corporation (Mazda) partnered with Ford Motor Company (Ford), helping Ford in small-car engineering and lean manufacturing in exchange for finance and marketing know-how; however, this alliance was terminated due to the.

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