Drexel accelerated medical program essay

What does it really take to get into the Ivy League? Grades This is the foliage of destiny. So, you want to go to an Ivy League college for undergrad?

Drexel accelerated medical program essay

Jessie Pre-Med Programs Part 2: These 2 admissions processes are totally separate. Generally, accelerated programs are years in length while combine programs run years, so accelerated programs actually cut some time off of undergraduate study.

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While combined programs make the transition to med school easier because the application process for the most part is done upon undergraduate entry, they are not necessarily shorter in length.

Program Specifics Before committing to a program, make sure you learn about the specifics. If they do, what score is required to continue in the program?

Can you add an extra year of undergraduate study if you choose?

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These are all things to consider when applying. In almost all programs, the acceleration occurs during undergraduate study, and the 4 years of medical school is standard. Also, consider course load.

Most college freshmen are urged to take a light 12 hour course load their first semester to help them ease into college.

Drexel accelerated medical program essay

In accelerated programs, students will probably be expected to balance a grueling schedule from day 1. Because most of these programs are relatively new and very elite, they only accept a few students each year.

Is it right for me? While medical school may be in your future, an accelerated program is not for everyone. Is an 18 or 20 year old really ready for the maturity and dedication med school takes? These fast track and combined programs are designed for the unique and exceptional high school students who are driven and fully prepared to work in the medical profession.

For some, this level of dedication and stability may not be right. The main difference is proving your commitment to the medical field. Building experiences in the medical field will not only help your resume, they will also help you affirm your decision.

Make a connection with a few local doctors and see if you can interview them and shadow them for a day to get a feel for the daily routine of a doctor.

Even though you may not be in the action, real world experience in a medical office is important. Most hospitals are always in search of volunteers. By consistently volunteering at a hospital over a summer or throughout high school, you will display both interest in the field and dedication to a cause.

Some schools that offer these med programs include: If you have yet to read Part 1 about general Pre-Med tracks, check it out now!

Drexel accelerated medical program essay

You Might Also Like.Freshman Year, I suffered some severe medical conditions. Unfortunately my grades suffered.

I got a C+ in Honors Algebra 3 and a B in Honors Physics(semester 2 only) and a B in Honors Spanish Program Overview: While there are dozens of accelerated medical programs across the country, only a handful place as strong an emphasis on research as does RPI and AMC’s joint-program.

As suggested by its title, the Accelerated Physician-Scientist Program is a 7-year program that is dedicated towards training physician-scientists.

UConn’s Special Program in Medicine links undergraduate preparation with four years of medical education, resulting in dual degrees from UConn: a BA/BS and a MD.

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Students focused on a career in the responses to the program-specific essay questions, and an optional resume. All documents must be received by December 1. A secondary school. IMPORTANT We urge you to use a valid email address.

If you are applying for a job or scholarship this is the method used to contact you. If you use a fake or invalid email address you will NOT receive job opportunities or replies from employers on jobs you apply for.: Username/E-mail Address*.

Find out if you qualify to enroll in Drexel's accelerated degree programs. Prospective freshmen who meet the requirements set by Undergraduate Admissions may apply for an accelerated degree program.

Acceptance into the graduate portion of the program is provisional based on performance at the undergraduate level. A popular advanced practice nursing career choice, the family nurse practitioner (FNP) is a valuable member of the healthcare team.

As they are the lifelong medical point-of-contact for many families, FNPs enjoy lasting relationships with many of their patients.

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