E commerce company centric b2b and e procurement

Your Strategic Advantage The successes of CoreXpand customers come from the ability to be more strategic by using our flexible technology platform. This strategic approach is based on three proven principles: The more adaptable you are to your customers' needs, the greater their loyalty. Ease of Set Up and Maintenance After working with thousands of businesses, we know what it takes to get the job done.

E commerce company centric b2b and e procurement

From Mandate to Asset Management: Vehicle procurement and utilization are key steps in the process—the challenges of which are often overlooked.

DELIVER, the European Rendezvous for e-Logistics

But how does an organization ensure fleet managers and operators are aware of the mandates and are open to purchasing and using AFVs?

How should their approach to fueling and fleet management change?

E commerce company centric b2b and e procurement

Once the vehicles are procured, how does the organization ensure the assets are utilized to achieve ROI? In this roundtable session, attendees and panelists will explore ways to shift the culture around alternative fuel vehicles of all kinds.

E commerce company centric b2b and e procurement

While many industries are struggling to attract the necessary talent and react to this dynamism, the female workforce presents an underutilized, high-potential talent pool from which to draw.

Research has shown that diversity within companies, from entry level to c-suite, to boards of directors, leads to higher performance, higher returns, and higher employee satisfaction. Hear from women leaders in the public and private transportation sectors who have made meaningful impacts and transformed the advanced clean transportation market.

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Learn how they got their start, what motivates them to continue, and how businesses and organizations can attract more women; increasing the diversity of perspectives, improving the bottom line, and cleaning up emissions.The GEP Procurement Outlook report delivers insights on the trends that will likely have the greatest impact on you, your team and business.

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A Comparison of Procurement Models for B2B Electronic Commerce 1 A Comparison of Procurement Models for B2B Electronic Commerce Avijeet Chauhan School of Computer Science and Engineering University of New South Wales and Narciso Cerpa Department of Systems Engineering University of Talca Abstract Procurement models for business-to-business e-commerce .

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