How to write a good cv for masters application

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How to write a good cv for masters application

Many of the questions and comments from that post still apply, and you can find them here. Key Points You should type the form using Excel, if at all possible.

Not only is it easier for evaluators to read, it makes it easier for you to make corrections, if you have to. If you are going to write by hand, use black pen and write in all capital letters. Another option is to edit the form directly as a pdf.

Do not write out numbers e. You should also use numbers, not words, when writing out months. Be sure to write all numbers in the CE or AD calendar used in most of the world.

You have to write out proper nouns, including cities, states, countries, etc. Do not try to write them in Katakana!

A note about check marks: In the sample form, I used a special character that looks like a checked box. That character is available in the Japanese font. Basic Information Click here for the full pdf version of the form!

Your photo must meet the dimensions specified in the form, be clear and no more than 6 months old, and show your upper body. You can insert a digital image directly into the form before printing or attach a physical photo afterward.

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If you decide to attach a physical photo, it must be printed on photo paper and you should attach it with paste or a glue stick. DO NOT use staples, as that will damage your photo and make it useless. You do need to fill in both lines to be safeeven it they are identical.

On the second-to-bottom line, you should see a three-digit country code along with your name. This refers to your biological gender, not your gender identity.

This one is pretty straightforward! Write the name of the country that issued your passport. If you are applying for the Embassy-recommended scholarship, you must write the nationality of the country you plan to apply in. Japanese nationals are not eligible to apply for the scholarship, but if you have multiple nationalities and choose to give up your Japanese citizenship to apply, they you would be eligible.

The tricky part of this line is filling in your age. You need to enter how old you will be as of April 1, In the downloadable example, you will see that the fake applicant has a birthday of Jan 1. In Japan, your age goes up on your birthday.

It does not automatically go up on January 1 or on the lunar new year as it does in some other countries.

how to write a good cv for masters application

If you are living somewhere other than your permanent address, such as a college dorm, then you would fill that in in the first line. In the downloadable example, the applicant is studying abroad in Japan when he applies for the scholarship.

And, based on his address, he lives at MEXT headquarters. You would also use this line if you were living in a college dorm, etc. In line 2you want to fill your permanent address e. For your phone number and email address, I recommend putting contact information that can be used to reach you at any time.Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more.

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Aug 29,  · Early Stage Investigator: A Program Director / Principal Investigator (PD/PI) who has completed their terminal research degree or end of post-graduate clinical training, whichever date is later, within the past 10 years and who has not previously competed successfully as PD/PI for a substantial NIH independent research award.

Is your “six seconds of fame” enough to land you a job?

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As a professor and a corporate recruiting strategist, I can tell you that very few applicants truly understand the corporate recruiting process. Jobs in Durgapur.

The growth in Durgapur in various fields are providing immense jobs opportunities in the city. Durgapurians are not only the persons but also people from nearby areas of Durgapur are getting job opportunities here.

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