Is college for all not necessarily

Attending college has become the socially demanded path. Getting a college degree has become a goal in the chase to achieve happiness. The value of having a degree is decreasing.

Is college for all not necessarily

This year it came on April 8th to represent how long into a woman would have to work to make what a man did in The highlight this year was when White House Press Secretary Jay Carney tried to explain away the pay gap between men and women in the White House by saying that when men and women hold similar positions, they are paid the same.

And while the federally commissioned CONSAD report from a few years back found virtually the same thing nationwide, the Obama administration still pushed forward its executive order to end the gender wage gap.

This is nothing new of course. Equal Pay Day and other things of that sort have always required a large degree of cognitive dissonance. After all, not only do adult actresses make more than their male colleagues, but the same goes for models. Indeed, inthe top ten male models made only about one tenth of what the top ten female models made.

They care about being sexists, too. When we look in more detail at the facts, however, a more complex picture emerges. Women earn only 77 cents on the dollar compared to men, but employers apparently switch teams from time to time even when they are employing people who are expected to keep their clothes on.

In addition, never-married men with no children between the ages of 40 and 64 have consistently earned less than never-married women with no children in the same age group. And furthermore, when it comes to race, employers also have an odd preference for Asian Americans.

Are white people being discriminated against ever so slightly here? And the list goes on: Jews make more money than other Americans Residents in northern states make more money than residents of southern states Tall men make more money than short men Atheists make more money than Christians Japanese-Americans make more money than Korean-Americans African immigrants make more money than native born African-Americans Lesbian women make more money than straight women Gay men make just slightly more money than straight men Older people make more money than younger people Black-Americans make a little more money than Hispanic-Americans, although blacks have a higher unemployment rate People in urban areas make more money than people in rural areas All of this must of course only be caused by discrimination, including the interesting and encouraging development that black incomes in Queens, New York surpassed whites inright?

In reality, of course, all of these statistics mean absolutely nothing by themselves. And that is the point. Gaps can be caused by discrimination — and of course discrimination exists to one degree or another — but especially since such discrimination would punish employers by forcing them to pay a premium for labor, it is simplistic at best to compare two groups without making any other considerations, For example, as Tom Woods observed, The factors that actually account for income and other differences between various racial and ethnic groups in the United States and elsewhere are in fact many and varied.

This cultural factor alone would account for considerable difference in incomes between the two groups, since a young married woman will tend to have less mobility and fewer educational opportunities than a young single woman.

As Thomas Sowell noted back inAge differences are quite large. Blacks are a decade younger than the Japanese.

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Jews are a quarter century older than Puerto Ricans. Polish Americans are twice as old as American Indians. It is double dipping to blame the whole discrepancy on bad schools as well as blame the whole discrepancy on discrimination.

And that goes for just about every difference one can find.That not all students have the skills necessary to keep up with college course work says more about the effectiveness of our K education than about the cognitive ability of American students.

Former U.S. Secretary of Education William Bennett explains why a college degree may not be worth the cost.

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So taxes will go up and all property owners – whether they have college-age children or not – will, in fact, pay for the free college. No, let me reword that. They will pay for the free tuition while soon-to-be college dropouts use student loans.

Differences Don’t Necessarily Equal Discrimination.

Is college for all not necessarily

0 Views. if women are discriminated against, is such discrimination not relatively uniform?

Differences Don’t Necessarily Equal Discrimination

After all, not only do adult actresses make more than their male colleagues, but the same goes for models. [Black female college graduate] income was % of that of white female college. While particularly strong in New Orleans, the “college-for-all” movement has swept the nation over the past decade, with education reformers in different cities embracing the notion that sending more low-income students to and through college should be America’s primary antipoverty strategy.

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