Leading death causes in india

CDC India collaborates with more than 17 Indian government and non-government institutions to build capacity to rapidly detect, accurately identify, and promptly contain emerging infectious disease threats. GHSA activities include strengthening surveillance networks and public health laboratory systems, including a focus on antimicrobial resistance, providing technical assistance to improve outbreak and emergency response and build the public health workforce, and bridging the human-animal interface to detect emerging zoonotic disease threats.

Leading death causes in india

India is a densely populated country and had the largest population of youth globally estimated million in The presence of many youths in the country translates to a potentially significant workforce for its economy. India is a cultural nation that prides itself on traditions and values.

The Youth of India is becoming increasingly torn between western influence in the era of globalization and traditional cultural values. Youth living in slums and rural areas have little access to medical care, and poor living conditions put them at a high medical risk.

When the youth fail to fulfill the expectation set, they are more likely to resort to extreme self-harm measures such as suicide. Mental health is not recognized as a medical issue, and this causes the youth in India to be embarrassed about seeking help Leading death causes in india problems such as depression.

Road Injuries Road injuries are a leading cause of death in India that claimed 37, youth. India has embarked on efforts to expand its highways and roads in the recent years and a subsequent increase in the number of vehicles used. Road safety policies and enforcement, however, lag behind the improved infrastructure.

Male youths are more likely to be involved in road accidents than their female counterparts, a situation which has been attributed to increasing rates of their drug and alcohol use.

Over speeding and recklessness are also contributing factors to deaths through road accidents. Male youths who operate two-wheelers are also at a higher risk to be involved in traffic accidents due to little or no safety measures. Tuberculosis Tuberculosis claimed 28, lives of youths in to become the third leading cause of death among the young generation.

India has one of the highest Tuberculosis rates in Asia, and the youth has been unfortunate victims of the disease. Prevalence of Tuberculosis is mainly evident in the rural areas, where there is limited access to healthcare.

Unemployed young people living in poor conditions in the slums are more likely to die of Tuberculosis than their affluent counterparts. Fire, Heat, and Hot substances Fire, heat, and hot substances led to the death of 25, youth in India in Parts of India are subjected to periods of dry and hot weather.

These hot spells are dangerous because blowing strong winds spread out the fire which leads to casualties and even death. Youth working in open places such as construction sites are at a higher risk to die from heat waves. Notably, some communities in India practice bride burning, which is a crime and leads to the death of nearly women every year.

Leading death causes in india

Drowning led to the death of 13, youth in the country. India loses its youth daily to factors that can be prevented.Global, regional, and national age-sex-specific mortality for causes of death in countries and territories, – a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study Global development goals increasingly rely on country-specific estimates for benchmarking a nation’s progress.

Suicide is the leading causes of death among the youth of India, followed by road injuries and tuberculosis. Suicide, triggered by intense competitive pressures and failure to live up to expectations is the leading cause of death among India's youth.

India is a densely populated country and had the. In India, suicide is the leading cause of death in the year age group with 37 per cent of the total global suicide deaths among women coming from the country, according to a new study.

CDC also collaborates with leading Indian academic and research institutes to establish community based platforms to determine influenza burden in India, evaluate the effectiveness of influenza vaccines, and identify optimal timing for influenza vaccination, all .

NEW DELHI: In India, suicide is the leading cause of death in the year age group with 37 per cent of the total global suicide deaths among women coming from the country, according to a new study. In , the GDD India Center, located at India’s National Centre for Disease Control, established the India Epidemic Intelligence Service program (EIS) – a post graduate field training program modeled after the US EIS.

CDC supports the Indian EIS Programme by providing technical assistance and a resident advisor.

Suicide a leading death cause in India: Study