Observation in mall

July 1st, at 9: It is such a part of who I am today, and I know a LOT of the history, including the owners and franchisees of many of the stores.

Observation in mall

If you go down the main road of Kabukicho towards Shidax Karaoke, you will be able to spot the Godzilla vs. Mothra meter version of Godzilla towering over Toho Cinemas.


Godzilla even roars from time to time! You can even stay in Godzilla-view rooms offered by the next door Hotel Gracery! It would surely be an interesting story for friends and family back home to tell them you woke up with Godzilla looking at you every day.

Access Further Sights to Explore Aside from these 16 wonderful and unmissable sights, there are many Observation in mall things to do and see in this district. For nice views of trains coming in and out of the city and a variety of nice restaurants and cafes, visit the Southern Terrace, which is a promenade across from the South Exit of Shinjuku Station.

For more relaxation in the middle of the chaos, visit Tokyo Opera City which has some nice shops and an art gallery with modern exhibitions. If you are on a budget and looking for free things to do, there are plenty!

Taiso-Ji Temple is a lesser-known Buddhist site but a great place for a picnic and some photo opportunities. For cheap nightlife optons, head to ni-chome the popular gay district for many happy hour deals and exciting bars and clubs! Getting Around Shinjuku One thing you will quickly realize is that Shinjuku is absolutely huge!


Here is some basic advice about getting around Shinjuku easily. Shinjuku Station Shinjuku Station has many different exits and is complicated to navigate. Broadly speaking, you should head to the East Exit for most of the bars and nightlife including Kabukicho, the West Exit for skyscrapers and department stores, and the South Exit and New South Exit for shopping areas.

Shinjuku Station is also home to a Narita Airport Express Train which leaves from platforms 5 and 6, and there are many signs written in English to direct you to these platforms. The City The district of Shinjuku itself is big but it is fairly easy to walk around, thanks to nice pedestrian areas and clear signs and directions.

You will often see maps with English directions scattered around the main central areas, and if you get lost you will usually find a police officer or store vendor who can speak some English and help you out.

People are usually very willing to help in this city! The main area of bars, shops, and restaurants are easily accessible by foot. If you wish to go to Shinjuku Gyoen Park, you can walk or you could get the subway to Shinjuku-gyoenmae Station.

So there you have it:Observation of a Mall. S ENG Observational Essay June 30, On the outside of the mall are lines after lines of cars are parked in the enormous parking lots.

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It is not that loud, every once in a while you hear the beeping of car doors being locked. Spectra sets itself apart from other light and water shows because of its diverse range of water fountain techniques, and its use of new underwater watt LED fixtures – specially developed for the show – that allow the lights to show perfect whites and richer colours.

sky HONG KONG OBSERVATION DECK Note – sky Hong Kong Observation Deck closes either fully or partially for private events on some dates throughout the year. Feb 08,  · My observation took place at the mall, and I was able to observed different people.

Thousands of people visit the mall daily, and many of them are from different backgrounds.

Observation in mall

My observation was based on how people behave at the mall because at the time, most people are not aware of their actions and behaviors. Soaring high at meters, At the Top, Burj Khalifa SKY is fittingly Dubai’s most iconic destination.

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