Portrayal of women mulan and brave essay

The portrayal of women in Disney Princess movies has evolved over time. From the damsel-in-distress Snow White, warrior Mulan, to hero Moana, Disney Princesses have changed drastically over the years. This class revolves around the portrayal of women in Disney Princess movies.

Portrayal of women mulan and brave essay

It deals with a brave girl named Fa Mulan who is in search of self-definition and in this process enters the Imperial army disguised as a man and manages to save the country. Fa Mulan is an impulsive girl who is expected to be a disciplined daughter and a future caring wife.

However, after a catastrophic visit to the local matchmaker, she is reproached for being a disgrace to her family and predicted that she will never find a husband. Later that day, messengers of the Emperor announce that the Huns have invaded China and that one man from each family is obliged to fight in the Imperial army.

In confrontation with the enemy, Mulan manages through a tactical maneuver to win the battle. However, she has received an injury and her secret is revealed. As a consequence, Mulan is left behind while her company enters the city in order to celebrate their victory.

As she realizes that a small group of Huns has survived and attacks the Emperor, Mulan succeeds with another peculiar strategy to rescue the sovereign.

She is glorified as a heroine and offered employment under the imperial crown which she thankfully refuses. She prefers to return to her family to which she now has brought great honor.

Fa Mulan is such an exception.

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The way towards being a heroine in a patriarchal society, however, was a major challenge for the protagonist. At the beginning of the movie, Fa Mulan is forced into the stereotypical feminine gender role but cannot fulfil it properly. Consequently she suffers from self-reproaches and the humiliation of being criticized in public.

For the meeting with the local matchmaker, she tries to memorize the following qualities: Though, seeing herself in the mirror does not seem to make her really happy.

This styling does not represent who she really is and how she feels but her family and society expect appropriate behavior from her. When Mulan arrives home and takes off her make-up from just one side of her face, this picture visualizes her inner conflict. It shows her true self and the woman she is supposed to be.


The depiction of her changes from woman to man clearly illustrates the elimination of stereotypical feminine features. Ode to Mulan ; http: American Quarterly ; Vol. Performative Acts and Gender Constitution. Writing on the Body.The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books is the largest book festival in the country.

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In this essay, I would like to analyse The Representation of Gender in Walt Disney’s “Mulan” [2], using the structure of the movie to focus on The Protagonist Fa Mulan, the Treatment of Women and the Depiction of Men. Additionally, the inquiry concerning the Meaning of Song Texts in Disney’s “Mulan” appears useful as these always play an important role in conveying movie themes.

Constructed in a range of contexts; gender roles are extremely evident in Mulan, as ideas about gender forming the major themes of the film (Patterson, ).The constant depictions, references and comparisons between the two sexes portray China’s social and cultural ideals and expectations of men and women (Duong, ).

First, as we all known men had more advantages than women in fighting and so does Mulan. But, Nowadays, Chinese women prefer to compete with men in their career and share housework with their husband rather than become a housewife and stay at home all day. They are independent and pursue the equality of men and women.

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Portrayal of women mulan and brave essay

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