Tiffany and co birac analysis

Tiffany Case Study: Then, Mitsukoshi would sell the same inventory at retail price in the Japanese market.

Tiffany and co birac analysis

Because I have heard, that for those who enter Fairy Land, there is no going back. They must go on, and go through it. Touches some wheel, or verges to some goal, 'Tis but a part we see, and not a whole.

The team was investigating the impressive Palenque monuments, located in the state of Chiapas, on the site of a well-known Mayan city that scientists were busy restoring and mapping in systematic fashion.

Yucatan is a region of constant humidity and high temperature, and the tropical vegetation had caused considerable damage to the temples and pyramids erected by the Mayas, whose civilization was marked by the genius of its architects and is thought to have declined in the first centuries of our era, disappearing almost completely about the ninth century—that is, at the time of the Charlemagne Empire in Europe.

One of the most impressive constructions on the Palenque site is the "Pyramid of Inscriptions," an enormous truncated pyramid with a long stairway in front. The pyramid is of a somewhat unusual design, for on the top is a large temple.

The purpose of the monument was unknown until Lhuillier and his companions suggested that it might have been built as a tomb for some exceptional king; or illustrious priest. And on June 15,they discovered a long flight of stairs going down through the enormous mass and actually under ground level.

The passage was built after the traditional Mayan fashion, the inclined walls giving the enclosure a high, conical shape ending with a narrow ceiling. Some Indian huts in Yucatan are still built this way, a most efficient design in the tropical climate since it allows hot air to rise, thereby providing a relatively comfortable temperature inside the hut.

At the bottom of the temple passage stairway was a splendid crypt, and in the crypt was a sarcophagus covered with a single carved stone measuring twelve feet by seven.

Tiffany and co birac analysis

Ten inches thick, the slab weighed about six tons. The fantastic scene depicted by the artists had not suffered; it came to light in every detail; and archaeologists are completely at a loss to interpret its meaning. The Mayans are supposed to have vanished without having invented even the rudiments of a technology.

Some archaeologists doubt that they knew the wheel, and yet the design on the Palenque sarcophagus appears to show a very complex and sophisticated device, with a man at the controls of an intricate piece of machinery. Noting that the man is depicted with his knees brought up toward his chest and his back to a complicated mechanism, from which flames are seen to flow, several people, among them Soviet science writer Alexander Kazantsev, have speculated that the Mayans had actually been in contact with visitors from a superior civilization—visitors who used spaceships.

Kazantsev's interpretation is difficult to prove. However, the only object we know today closely resembling the Mayan design is the space capsule. The demigod for whom sarcophagus, crypt, and pyramid were built with such splendid craftsmanship by the Mayan artists is something of a puzzle, too.

The body is radically different from the morphology of the Mayans, as we imagine them: According to Pierre Honore,1 the sarcophagus was made for the "Great White God," Kulkulkan, but no final clue to the mystery has yet been found, and the tropical jungles of Central America where dozens of temples and pyramids are still buried under the exuberant vegetation have not yet yielded the secret of the Palenque sarcophagus.

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Indeed, several writers have consistently pointed out that the fundamental texts of every religion refer to the contact of the human community with a "superior race" of beings from the sky.

This terminology is used, in particular, in the Bible, where it is said:Jul 09,  · Tiffany & Co. BIRAC Analysis Tiffany & Co. BIRAC Analysis Aneisha Thurman University of Phoenix MBA Sustainable Customer Relationships December 1, Introduction The BIRAC Analysis on Tiffany’s & Co., a premier jeweler and specialty retailer with corporate headquarters in New York, New York will be used to identify potential strategic.

Tiffany & Co Case Study Words | 5 Pages. Tiffany Case Study Introduction Tiffany was founded in September 18, and for about years, the brand has been successfully opening several stores and establishing the brand as the top place to buy fine jewelry of high quality.

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Tiffany & Co., founded in , specializes in developing, manufacturing, and selling fine jewelry through branded retailers and subsidiaries (as of ), as well as through department store boutiques, wholesalers, distributors, and online.

Introduction The BIRAC Analysis on Tiffany’s & Co., a premier jeweler and specialty retailer with corporate headquarters in New York, New York will be used to identify potential strategic marketing alternatives.

Although, Tiffany & Co. has had much success and continues to grow, this BIRAC will.

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