Victoria flanders the dark side of

It also became possible into award the Victoria Cross posthumously, making it one of the very few British valour decorations available to soldiers, sailors or air force personnel killed during the course of their heroic action the others included the George Cross and the Mention-in-Despatches. The number of Canadians awarded the Victoria Cross varies significantly on how the total is calculated.

Victoria flanders the dark side of

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In the mids the purpose-built Strand Music Hall presented considerably more refined entertainment in a tobacco- and alcohol-free environment, and, as a result, proved to be a miserable failure.

The entertainments offered at some locations changed in nature over the years. And the pavement-straddling Exeter Change — which at Victoria flanders the dark side of housed a magic lantern show, a puppet theatre and a first floor menagerie — was demolished in to rise again as Exeter Hall, a 4,seat auditorium used for public meetings and orchestral concerts.

Pleasure-seeking crowds and well-stocked shops provided a rich picking ground for criminals of all types.

The Canadian military and the Victoria Cross -

Bogus and real beggars were supplemented by professional cadgers who sometimes worked in organised gangs. One of the largest industries, prostitution, was not illegal, but was at the centre of criminal activities such as bribery, extortion, theft, procurement of underage girls and violent behaviour by pimps.

The Metropolitan Police Force replaced the older organisation inand, like its predecessor, operated out of a central station situated in Bow Street. At the eastern end of the Strand the mock Gothic Royal Courts of Justice, opened by Queen Victoria indisplaced an area previously notorious for a high concentration of bawds and bagnios.

The courts, during their construction, overlooked Temple Bar where the decapitated heads of lawbreakers were once exhibited. Scattered in a dismal corona around the area were the offices of solicitors and private detectives.

The police were directed to enforce order as well as law, their duties to deal with spontaneous and unpredictable conduct by groups and individuals, along with the carefully planned, covert activities of the criminal underworld.

With virtually no restrictions on public house opening times prior to the Licensing Act, the consequences of drunkenness were such a problem that they were only acted upon when they became extreme.

Although not as ingenious in their mischief-making, working-class drinkers provided a similarly intransigent problem. The drunkenness in the streets is indescribable.

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On Saturday nights it is a general witches Sabbath. The women drink to almost as great an extent as the men […] The Englishman is only noisy when he is drunk; then he becomes combative and wicked. One half of the murders one hears of are committed under the influence of drink.

Lone drunks were usually left to the mercy of pickpockets or less gentle robbers and were only taken into custody when their actions became a threat to others. Police spent more of their time attempting to control the groups of intoxicated roughs and prostitutes who molested and insulted passers-by.

There were increasing calls for the police to take greater measures to clear the unruly groups from the Strand area and to prevent the culture of the slums causing offence to the rest of society. Highly visible displays of mass drunkenness were not only abhorrent to members of the general public — many local councillors, magistrates and members of parliament were involved in the brewing industry, while large numbers of middleclass investors and the Inland Revenue also benefited from the sales of alcohol.

Public house opening hours were limited and licences withdrawn from those that did not comply with regulations. With the increased impetus to engage in town planning, stimulated by the creation of the Metropolitan Board of Works and the London County Councilmany of the slum areas were demolished and their potentially criminal inhabitants dispersed.

The widening of the Strand and the construction of the Aldwych in also resulted in the destruction of Wych Street and Holywell Street, both ancient homes of prostitutes and pornographers. Having often been vilified in their seventy-year history, the police began to earn the respect of the general public.

Popular fiction, which once celebrated the anti-establishment exploits of highwaymen, pirates and youthful burglars, began to chronicle the cases of cerebral and analytical detectives.

The proliferation of suburban theatres, music halls and the earliest cinemas meant that there were fewer reasons for those seeking entertainment to make the journey into central London.

When the Gaiety Theatre was demolished in a swarm of rats was said to have scuttled from the ruins, searching for new hiding places in the darker recesses of the immediate area.

It was an obvious metaphor for a process in which the irregular, chaotically overcrowded tenements of the Strand were being replaced by well-planned and easily managed buildings. A sign of things to come was provided by Effingham House, a six-storey block of offices built on the corner of Arundel Street and the Strand in In place of the steep, creaking stairs familiar to visitors doing business in the area, a fast and efficient lift was available to all floors.

In the Hotel Cecil opened on the site of Cecil Street and Salisbury Street, with bedrooms, bars, a restaurant and lounges offering the very latest in comfort and elegance.

A new Gaiety was created on an imposing corner site, its deep alcoves and ostentatious cupola suggesting an edifice of more august usage than mere entertainment. The glaring signs, slow-moving traffic, blaring music, sex shows, gambling joints and parading prostitutes that might be considered undesirable in a modern city became transformed into colourful aspects of a romantic past.

Those who had not succumbed to syphilis or cirrhosis of the liver penned affectionate accounts of their enjoyably misspent youth.

As those dyspeptic and racist veterans who remembered the Strand in the nineteenth century passed away, new generations dismayed by the stark realities of world wars, economic depression and social upheaval invested the area with even greater Elysian qualities. Glamorous Gaiety girls in Hansom cabs and gas-lit stage doors with their attendant Johnnies came to represent this mythic past, while layers of false memory and wishful thinking concealed the remains of a society that struggled to contain its subversive, criminal and unruly elements.

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The government claims it is saving lives by detaining boat-borne asylum seekers and barring them from resettlement in Australia. For evidence it points to the absence of reported deaths at sea.

This is the side of Seoul that you won’t find in the tourism brochures. Take a walking tour down the dark alleys of the forgotten year history of bloody massacres, seedy hideaways, and mourning ghosts.

Victoria flanders the dark side of

Victoria’s Secrets casting agents did. Erin has recently revealed in a tell all interview with Time Magazine that she was pressured to drop weight prior to her and appearances on the annual Victoria.

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